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About Jook's

In our family, it's always been about the stories we create, we hold and we share. And we're still sharing them, led by the guy who started so many of them: our patriarch, Papa Jook.

Making and watching home videos is among the top family activities. Inspiring others to do the same a close second. So Founder Spencer Allen made a gig of it: founding Jook's Productions - named to honor his Papa - to help YOU preserve your videos from yesterday, so you can watch them today. And enjoy them now, like our family does every time we're together. Papa is turning 92 and they still make him smile!

That's when Spencer realized: so many of today's videos (and, really, SO many in your phone's media library) could be creating dynamic, modern, NEW home videos for tomorrow. Spencer launched a new service: transforming your media into chronological home videos that capture all those magical moments in your life we promise you won't forget. (An awesome birthday gift, btw...)

In little time, Jook's grew to take on the end-to-end production of Legacy Movies, too. (More on those, here.)

Jook's also offers full-service video production and editing services, leveraging his early career in TV News, where he filmed, produced and edited for local news networks.

Spencer's here to be Your Family's Trusted Video Guy, to be your go-to video storyteller, editor, on-site videographer, montage-maker, administration digitizer...and the answer when someone asks, "do you know a good video guy?!"

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Papa Jook & Spencer

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